Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Hengtao Tang


Districts and schools are spending millions of dollars on technology, training, and professional development each year; however, a disconnect between technology use and good pedagogy remains. The one-shot, sit-and-get professional development model has not provided North Lake Intermediate School’s teachers the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare students for the 21st century through the use of innovative technologies. The purpose of this action research study was to investigate how a TPACK-focused online professional development experience influenced teachers’ development of technology self-efficacy and intention to integrate the technology tool, Pear Deck, and measure changes in their attitudes toward Pear Deck.

The innovation in this study was a TPACK-focused, online, asynchronous professional development. Participants had access to optional pre-learning material and discussion forums, an asynchronous professional development presentation, and personalized feedback reports in response to their reflection questions. A convergent mixed-methods design yielded supplementary sources of data: quantitative data gathered through a modified TAM pre and post survey and lesson plans and qualitative data from teacher reflections and semi-structured interviews. Analyzing and converging interview data revealed the impact of online teacher professional development on intermediate teachers’ technology self-efficacy, changes in attitudes toward Pear Deck, and continuance intentions to integrate Pear Deck. Implications from this study include providing asynchronous TPACK-focused online professional development to positively impacts teachers’ technology self-efficacy, attitudes toward Pear Deck, and continuance intentions. However, further studies should be done to address how external barriers may be overcome.


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