Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type

Open Access Thesis


Comparative Literature

First Advisor

Anne W. Gulick


For centuries, migration has played a crucial role in the development of human civilization, with the transplantation of cultures from one region to another shaping identities worldwide. The African diaspora, beginning with the Atlantic Slave Trade, saw the forced transportation of around 12 million Africans across the ocean, resulting in the creation of creole identities in the Antilles. Literature has long reflected the experiences of migrants. In Maryse Condé's Traversée de la Mangrove and Calixthe Beyala's Le Petit Prince de Belleville, the complexity of Antillean and Afro-French identities is explored. This thesis delves into how Condé's work highlights the interconnected and decentralized nature of the Antilles, while Beyala's novel showcases the transformation of France's traditional structure into a more fluid and decentralized one. By providing new insights into the cultural and social contexts of the French Caribbean and France, this thesis offers a fresh perspective on these texts, revealing their underlying themes.


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