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Spring 2023

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Open Access Dissertation


College of Nursing

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Jean E. Davis


Many studies have examined Emotional Intelligence (EI) ’s role in various groups of people. However, to date, there have not been any studies examining the role of EI in direct patient care given by ICU nurses and the relationship between the nurses’ EI and patient satisfaction. With the importance of patient satisfaction tied to hospital reimbursement and the many approaches that have been made to improve patient satisfaction, studying the people (nurses) who spend the most time with the patient seems right. The data used for this study was obtained from an EI inventory for the nurses and an ICU-specific patient/family satisfaction inventory. In addition to describing the nurses’ EI and patient satisfaction with their care, Pearson Correlation Coefficients were used to determine the relationship between the variables. Results showed a high positive linear relationship between a nurse’s EI and patient satisfaction. These initial findings indicate a need for further research with a larger sample. The results also demonstrate the importance of EI instruction in primary nursing student education and continuing education for nurses currently in direct patient care.


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