Date of Award

Fall 2022

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


Curriculum and Instruction

First Advisor

Leigh D’Amico


Twice-exceptional students are dually identified as academically gifted and talented and learning or medically disabled. These students face greater challenges to success in school and often have social and emotional issues that require accommodations and supports beyond those available in the general classroom. These students may not be receiving social and emotional supports through IEP or 504 Plans, or these supports may use a deficit rather than a strength-based approach. This study used a youth participatory action research method to empower twice-exceptional students to cocreate a strength-based, behavioral intervention plan to help them self-modulate strong emotional responses that hindered their learning. Using a constant comparative method to analyze qualitative data from observations, student journals, and student interviews, surfaced four themes emerged: (a) student's needs; (b) self-advocacy and self-awareness; (c) relationships and connections; and (d) self-modulation. Collaboration emerged as an overarching theme, resulting in positive benefits among the four themes to improve the participants’ abilities to work together as coresearchers. The intervention plans were effective in helping students to self-modulate their strong emotional responses and positively impacted their academic growth.


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