Kelsey Grant

Date of Award

Fall 2022

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Elizabeth Currin


This action research study evaluated how to prepare undergraduate Psychology students for the transition from a developmental style of advising to the prescriptive advising style of departmental advisors. As an Undergraduate Academic Advisor, I drew upon a theoretical framework of appreciative advising, positive psychology, and the theory of transition to examine how to improve my practice in terms of this transition. Survey data from students who had not yet made this transition and interview data from students who had already made the transition enabled me to evaluate their perceptions of the advisor–advisee relationship and overall advising model in Psychology, as well as their understanding of their degree plan and the specific course recommendations needed to achieve it. My findings have implications for institutions that employ a shared-split model of advising where students transition from an initial advisor to a departmental advisor with a different advising style.


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