Date of Award

Summer 2022

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Chemistry and Biochemistry

First Advisor

Hans-Conrad zur Loye


Exploratory crystal growth has proven to be a successful technique in the synthesis of new compounds with desired properties. This method is very versatile and has various iterations, but results described herein were obtained through flux growth at high temperatures utilizing mixed alkali halide salts. The tunability of these reactions with respect to reactant ratios, reaction temperature, heating/cooling rates, metal precursors, and choice of flux allow for the exploration of phase spaces between a combination of elements and observation of significantly different products and/or structure types from minor tweaks.

Most of the research presented in this dissertation describes results that were attained while exploring phase spaces involving silicates and germanates paired with transition metals, striving for colorless framework materials. In this thesis the synthesis, crystal structure determination, and physical property measurements of La8.64W6O30.45Cl, Ce8.64W5.74O30Cl, Ln8.33W6O30Cl (Ln = Pr, Nd), [(Rb6F)(Rb4F)][Ge14O32], [(Rb6F)(Rb3.1Co0.9F0.96)][Co3.8Ge10.2O30F2], Rb2Cu3Ge5O14, Cs2Cu3Ge5O14 ,Cs7Cu2Ge11O27F, [(Cs6F)(Cs3AgF)][Ge12Mn2O32], Rb4Ta2Si8O23, and Rb4Ge5O9F6:Nb. These new compositions have been studied for magnetic and optical properties, including fluorescence, fluorescence quantum yield, and radioluminescence, when practical.

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Chemistry Commons