Taeyoung Seon

Date of Award

Summer 2022

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


School of Music

First Advisor

Donald Gray


This document contains information about instructions regarding singing with Korean diction for Korean Art songs by a gifted Korean composer, Kyo-geun Kim. He is now a Professor of Business at Ewha Women’s University in the Republic of Korea. The writer offers a brief biography of Kim as a composer and a scholar of music and business. This document will help anyone who would like to learn Korean diction for singing Korean Art Song, particularly, Hyo-geun’s Art Pop Art Songs such as Snow, A Thousand Winds, and What Though Life Conspires to Cheat You. The works are termed ART POP, it can be noted that they carry a sense of being true Art Songs. This document will be a guide to those who learn to pronounce and interpret Korean language.

Dr. Kim’s many thoughts on vocal technique will be of great value to this document.