Amber Birden

Date of Award

Summer 2022

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Lucas Vasconcelos


The purpose of this study was to examine teachers’ needs and preferences for technology integration professional development (PD). To guide the study, three research questions were developed: (1) What are teachers’ needs and preferences for technology integration professional development in K-12 schools?, (2) How are teachers currently integrating technology for teaching and learning in their classroom?, and (3) How do teachers perceive technology benefits and usefulness of technology integration for teaching and learning?

This was a descriptive mixed methods study. The research study included 33 educators from six different U.S. states. Quantitative data was collected from the technology needs assessment survey and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Qualitative data was collected through one-on-one interviews and open-ended questions on the technology needs assessment survey. Qualitative data was analyzed using an inductive and thematic approach. Quantitative findings revealed that participants are using technology to improve instruction productivity and student learning. Qualitative findings showed that participants want technology integration PD that incorporates elements of hands-on, active learning activities that are beneficial for enhancing teaching and learning.

Findings from the study show teacher needs and preferences for technology integration PD align with elements of effective PD from previously publish literature such as active learning, collaboration, and expert support for integration. Recommendations for technology integration PD, future research and limitations of the study are discussed.


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