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Summer 2022

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Open Access Thesis



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Mark Weist


School, community, and youth-serving system partnerships can support implementing comprehensive school mental health (SMH) systems including services beyond direct therapy for students (i.e., multiple tiers of support). Utilizing a comprehensive approach to SMH allows clinicians to form stronger relationships with administrators, school staff, and most importantly, students who may need services. This comprehensive approach to SMH includes incorporating the SMH clinician into the culture and daily activities of the schools (e.g., helping direct students in the bus line), to increase the visibility of the clinician and services available as well as provide opportunities for direct outreach to students. One such program, the Pee Dee Resiliency Project (PDRP) utilized a multi-tiered approach to enhance the roles of SMH clinicians in eight underserved elementary schools in South Carolina. The following article is an evaluation of the PDRP.


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