Junlan Li

Date of Award

Summer 2021

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

James D. Kirylo


The purpose of this action research was to examine the impact of the proposed Four-Station Blended Learning Model (FSBLM) on the engagement level of four middle school students in a Chinese as a foreign language class. For the purposes of the study, student engagement is defined by three aspects: (1) participation in class activities, (2) classwork completion, and (3) student perceptions of Chinese class. Incorporating an action research design, data was collected through utilizing Likert-scale pre- and post-surveys, pre- and post-interviews, observations and the taking of field notes, students’ work samples, and classwork grades. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected during a total of eight weeks for a period of 50 minutes three times per week. Participants included a combination of four seventh grade students and the teacher of a Chinese I class in a public school in southeastern America. The result of the study revealed that the FSBLM worked effectively regarding its impact on student engagement via its structured collaborative learning and had a positive impact on students’ affective factors, which resulted in a more positive perception and attitude toward Chinese learning in students, leading to the enhancement of student engagement. The results of the study were used to develop an action plan that aims to help effectively implement the FSBLM into Chinese instruction schoolwide by focusing on better engaging students via structured collaborative learning, technology use, and teacher support to individual students.