Quynh Le

Date of Award

Summer 2021

Document Type

Open Access Thesis


Moore School of Business

First Advisor

Abhijit Guha


This research examines the impact of likes in the context of online shopping websites. Likes are popular metrics in digital and social media marketing. Previous research has investigated the roles of likes on consumer behavior and product sales in the context of social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram. However, little has been known about another type of likes, product likes, which are used on online shopping as an information cue for consumer’s purchase decisions. We propose four studies to understand the impact of product likes in the context of online shopping websites where transactions occur. We expect that the studies would confirm our hypotheses that consumers are more likely to purchase products when the number of product likes is higher, and that this relationship is mediated by of perception of product popularity and quality. In addition, we hypothesize that this effect only sustains when products receive positive ratings, and that it could disappear when products receive negative ratings.