Kyle Silvey

Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Physical Education

First Advisor

David F. Stodden


Decreased physical fitness in military age recruiting populations is problematic for the development of physical military readiness (PMR) in soldiers and presents a threat to national security. Low fitness levels, demonstrated by increased Army fitness test failures, and national data of children and adolescents, may be an indicator of a foundational problem in the physical development of potential military recruits. An adequate foundation in FMC will serve as a barrier for achieving sufficient and sustained PMR in the U.S. Military. Associations between individual, raw APFT and ACFT tests demonstrated weak ( r = .26) to strong ( r = .87) relationships, while raw composite APFT and ACFT totals had a strong association ( r = .82). ACFT scores revealed the need for female Cadets in particular to incorporate strength and power-based training into their regimen. The FMC composites, lower extremity explosiveness (e.g. vertical jump; r = .80) and object control and projection (e.g. throwing; r = .75) demonstrated the strongest relationships with raw composite ACFT scores.


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