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Educational Leadership and Policies


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Edward Cox


The purpose of this study was to investigate the instructional leadership of the principal on literacy initiatives as it relates to student achievement. It examined literacy coaches' perceptions of how a principal's instructional leadership relates to teachers' literacy curriculum. The study also examined whether South Carolina principals' level of communication and management support related to English language arts scores on the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT) and High School Assessment Program (HSAP). Literacy coaches from throughout the state were surveyed to gain knowledge regarding their perceptions of their principal's instructional leadership as it relates to teachers incorporating literacy. The data were collected through the researcher constructed Literacy Principal Survey. This study used both descriptive and quantitative methods of analysis. The results showed that high school principals who have higher average communication and management support scores in literacy initiatives had a more positive relationship to student achievement. The results from the study also showed that elementary principals who have higher management support for literacy initiatives had a positive relationship to student achievement. The data from middle schools was not significant in both communication and management support. Recommendations included conducting additional research to measure teachers' perceptions on principals' literacy instructional leadership, measure principals' perceptions on their literacy leadership and literacy coaches' perceptions as compared to student achievement and research is needed to determine if there is a difference between Title I schools and non Title I schools that have participated in SCRI. Dissertation Chair: Edward P. Cox, Ed.D.


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