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Campus Access Thesis



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Laura Cahue


In this thesis I will assess maize consumption in Pre-Tarascan peripheral populations from the Guayangareo Valley with populations in what became the Tarascan heartland in the Lake Patzcuaro Basin in modern day Michoacán, Mexico. Prior research indicates that maize consumption in elites in the Lake Patzcuaro Basin did not change from Pre-Tarascan to Tarascan periods based on dental caries frequencies and stable isotope analysis. I compare the Pre-Tarascan component of the Lake Patzcuaro Basin to Pre-Tarascan a population sample from Guayangareo Valley composed of individuals form Lomas de Santa Maria and Lomas del Valle. Dental caries indices were used to assess diet. This research suggests similar maize consumption in two geographical locations that were incorporated into different facets of the Tarascan State, indicating that the proportion of maize in the diet did not vary based on geographic location prior to the establishment of the Tarascan State in Lake Patzcuaro Basin and the incorporation of surrounding populations.


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