Date of Award

Summer 2020

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


School of Music

First Advisor

Joseph Eller


Today’s musician has an unprecedented amount of recordings through which they can influence their tonal concept, guide their phasing, and instill appropriate musical style. However, this abundance of recordings is both a treasure trove and a labyrinth in which one can lose their way without proper background on the recording artist. This context is necessary to determine the recordings in which a particular artist is most adept, and what stylistic lessons the artist best imparts. This document provides a comprehensive study of the careers and recordings of two of the most important clarinetists of the twentieth-century; Stanley Drucker and Karl Leister. The author’s intent is to inform the modern clarinetist of the relative strength of each of artist’s unique stylistic approach so that the immense legacy of recordings they have bestowed upon the musical world is granted this context. As such, this document provides a biography of each artist, a description of their particular instrumental setup, and an analysis of their most important recordings, alongside other noteworthy interpretations. The author’s close examination of these distinctive artists’ performance styles will hopefully provide student and professional musicians alike assistance in finding and expressing their unique musical voice.


© 2020, Peter M Geldrich