Date of Award

Summer 2020

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Health Services and Policy Management

First Advisor

Saundra Glover


Governing boards of Community Health Centers were created with the anticipation that majority of its members be patients (users) of the Community Health Center they served. This study assessed South Carolina Community Health Center governing board members’ perception and understanding of what they believe their roles and responsibilities are, and their perceived overall effectiveness. It provides a framework for understanding the governance structure of Community Health Centers, based on examining three characteristic areas (Board Function, Board Performance and Board Development) of Community Health Centers located in South Carolina.

This study invited 234 governing board members to obtain members perceptions. Key findings from 121 governing board members surveyed indicate that Board roles and responsibilities are clearly defined; that Board members actively participate in the decision making process and Board members participate in an appropriate and well-developed orientation. Recommendations from the findings include board members should participate in annual self-driven assessments; establish and update measures to ensure high performance; and assign mentor/mentee relationships to new members to increase understanding of roles and responsibilities.


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