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Spring 2020

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Open Access Dissertation


School of Music

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Joseph Rackers


The purpose of this study is to educate a wider audience about Richard Wagner’s early piano music, specifically the Sonata in B-flat Major, the Fantasia in F-Sharp Minor, and the Grand Sonata in A Major. The study seeks to make these three, largescale piano works more accessible for study, and to draw attention and spark interest in the piano compositions of Richard Wagner.

The study consists of six chapters, a bibliography, and two appendices. The first chapter includes an explanation of why this study is needed, a brief biography of Richard Wagner, related literature, methodology, and limitations of the study. Chapter two contains information on the influences and musical language of Richard Wagner. Chapter three consists of a stylistic analysis of the Sonata in B-flat Major. Chapter four consists of a stylistic analysis of the Fantasia in F-sharp Minor. Chapter five consists of a stylistic analysis of the Grand Sonata in A Major. Chapter six consists of a conclusion. Appendix A provides a brief summary of all 13 of Wagner’s piano pieces. Appendix B provides translations of the German text found in the body of the document.


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