Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


School of Music

First Advisor

Craig Butterfield,


More than 100 years after František, “Franz,” Simandl’s (1840–1912) death, his pedagogical works are still widely used by aspiring double bassists. Simandl’s methodology codified in these works standardized lower position left-hand technique for most modern bass players. His 30 Etudes for the String Bass is still commonly studied, but existing editions don’t provide adequate instruction to students who haven’t already worked through Simandl’s New Method. With many more recent beginner method books available to present day students, it can’t be expected that students always work through the New Method before moving on to 30 Etudes for the String Bass as was originally intended.

This document presents a performance edition of the 30 Etudes for the String Bass that gives more instruction to students coming from diverse pedagogical backgrounds. This edition provides a recommended fingering for every note, changes suboptimal fingerings from the original, fills in implied bowings, fixes some tempo change misprints, and comes with critical commentary that helps focus student practice for each etude. This document also outlines and justifies the methodology for these changes and additions.