Jenna Fisher

Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Physical Education

First Advisor

Ali Brian


Though a critical aspect of the teaching-learning process in physical education, the assessment of student learning in physical education has received little investigative attention. In line with the primary focus on motor competence in the United States National K-12 Physical Education Standards, the purpose of this dissertation is to explore elementary physical education teachers’ assessment behaviors with respect to assessing students’ motor skills. This dissertation consists of three studies. In the first study, a survey was developed using the major themes from existing physical education assessment literature and then tested for content validity via the modified Delphi method. The second study involved examining the psychometric properties of one of the motor skill assessment behavior survey subscales, focusing on the perception of motor skill assessment using a sample of current inservice elementary physical education teachers across the United States of America. The third study reports the descriptive and predictive statistics from Study 2. The results of this dissertation provide key information related to elementary physical education teachers’ perceptions and perceived needs regarding current nationwide motor skill assessment behaviors.


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