Date of Award

Spring 2020

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Open Access Dissertation



First Advisor

Éva Czabarka

Second Advisor

László Székely


The Wiener index of a connected graph is the sum of the distances between all unordered pairs of vertices. I provide asymptotic upper bounds and sharp lower bounds for the Wiener index of simple triangulations and quadrangulations with given connectivity. Additionally, I make conjectures for the extremal triangulations and quadrangulations which maximize the Wiener index based on computational evidence. If σ(v) denotes the arithmetic mean of the distances from v to all other vertices of G, then the remoteness and proximity of G are defined as the largest and smallest value of σ(v) over all vertices v of G, respectively. I give sharp upper bounds on the remoteness and asymptotic upper bounds on the proximity of simple triangulations and quadrangulations of given order and connectivity.


© 2020, Trevor Vincent Olsen

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