Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies

First Advisor

Christian K. Anderson


Universities across the country have been forced to confront how they remember and memorialize the past on their campuses as students and community members protest building names and statues. This qualitative case study used Bolman and Deal’s four-frame theory as a framework to understand the response to protests at one school, the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. The fourframes provided insight into the complexities surrounding the changing of the name of Saunders Hall to Carolina Hall and the controversy surrounding the Confederate Monument known as Silent Sam. The symbolic frame was most evident in the conflicting meaning of symbols. The political frame was impacted by the formation of coalitions. Protestors were able to work outside of the structural frame while decision-makers were constrained by the structures of policies and laws. The misalignment of protestors’ needs and the organization’s needs was evident in the human resources frame.