Date of Award

Fall 2019

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Leigh D'Amico


This Dissertation in Practice (DiP) utilizes action research methods to answer a research question that focuses on teachers being empowered to make personal choices when delivering best practices to positively impact student achievement within PAWS Elementary School. Chapter One provides the rationale behind the origin of the presented research, in which the Problem of Practice poses the question of how personal decision-making by teachers is an integral attribute to the success and achievement of all learners within the public-school setting. This acknowledgment of the problem of practice was the impetus to the proposed research question: How does the teacher's personal decisions when implementing literacy skills through a hybrid-instructional approach impact student achievement? This study warrants the methodical design(s) outlined through Mertler's (2017) action research paradigm and seeks to effectively answer the researcher's question. These data collection practices include a mixed-methods design of qualitative and quantitative data collections incorporating all four phases of the action research process - planning, acting, developing, and reflecting (Mertler, 2017).