Shujie Chen

Date of Award

Summer 2019

Document Type

Open Access Thesis


Epidemiology and Biostatistics

First Advisor

Jiajia Zhang


The Cox proportional hazards (PH) model and time dependent PH model are the most popular survival models in survival analysis. The hazard discrimination summary HDS(t) proposed by Liang and Heagerty [2017] is used to evaluate the mean hazard difference between cases and controls at time t. Liang and Heagerty [2017] evaluated the discrimination performance under the PH model and time dependent PH model with right censoring.

In this thesis, first, we further investigate their method via comprehensive simulations including 1) We extend the simulation in Liang and Heagerty [2017] under the PH model by adding more scenarios such as different distributions, censoring proportions under the PH model; and 2) similarly, more situations were added to time dependent PH model such as different time dependent functions. Second, we develop an estimation method of HDS(t) for the PH model with interval censored data. Third, we apply the proposed method to HIV data from Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC).


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