Andrew Miller

Date of Award

Summer 2019

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Christopher Bogiages


This mixed methods action research study explored the use of video-enhanced instruction in a seventh-grade social studies classroom in a small, rural middle school in the southeast United States. The primary research questions for this study was, How do different strategies for video-enhanced instruction support or challenge engagement in learning for students with diverse academic abilities? This dissertation will describe how I used the SAMR model of technology integration (Puentedura, 2012), and David Havens’ (2014) framework for engagement with technology to enact and study the impact of three different ways that video-enhanced instruction could be used to support students identified as academically gifted and talented while also supporting achievement for non-classified students. The results of this study indicated how students of various levels of academic ability can be supported in different ways based on their appreciation for different levels of integration of video-enhanced lessons. The findings and their implications for teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, and curriculum developers are discussed along with an implementation plan for building on this work in the future.


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