Date of Award

Spring 2019

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Open Access Thesis


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First Advisor

Khalid Ballouli


The purpose of this study is to assist college athletic departments in attracting more fans to premium seating areas within their football stadiums. Existing research covers professional sporting venues in depth, but lacks volume regarding collegiate athletics. Due to the minimal knowledge and research recorded on premium seating in college football venues, there is a crucial need for the gap in research to be filled. The interviewing method and qualitative research was used to gain information on premium seating within college football venues. During the interview process existing premium seating, renovations in progress, and future addition plans were all explored. When discussing different premium seating options and common trends in the industry a few were expanded upon greatly. These included the addition of loge boxes, unique premium seating options that shy away from the traditional ticketed option, and the importance of the playing surface being visible from premium areas. This study highlights the need for additional research regarding topics such as premium seating in college athletics and the increasing trends and demands of premium seating.