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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Higher Education and Student Affairs

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Katherine E. Chaddock


This nationwide study used survey methodology to investigate the use of program assessment results in curriculum change in associate degree nursing programs in the community college setting. The study examined data collected from associate degree nursing program directors on the types of curriculum changes prompted by assessment results as well as relationships between the use of assessment results and internal and external program variables. A comparison of findings between accredited and non-accredited associate degree nursing programs was conducted. A sample of 350 associate degree nursing programs in the technical and community college systems were surveyed for this study with 118 (33.7%), 84.7% (n=100) accredited and 15.3% (n=18) non-accredited programs, responses analyzed. The study indicated nurse administrators in accredited and non-accredited programs participate in the assessment process. Previous barriers to the use of assessment results were not substantiated in this study however, faculty time to perform planned curriculum changed was a significant variable of concern. Faculty time is a limited resource and may be attributed to nurse administrators inability to "close the loop" in the assessment process and apply results to curriculum change.


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