Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Open Access Thesis


Theatre and Dance

First Advisor

Steve Pearson


In this thesis I make a retrospective analysis of the creative process through which I conceived my original solo performance piece, Lady Alhambra: a 15-minute one-person comedy that tells the story of Nila, a Cuban-American vedette and autodidactic spiritualist working at a cabaret called the House of Mambo. I define my creative process in three stages, each classified and described in chapters one through three. Chapter one describes the initial stage of exploration. Chapter two describes the intermediate stage of evolution. Then chapter three describes the final stage which is the performance. Lastly, I contemplate on the future of the play. For reference, I have included a copy of Lady Alhambra.

After reading this thesis, the reader will know the origins and resources that inspired the play; learn how the writing and choreography developed in unison; and how I plan to continue evolving the play. Included here, is a copy of Lady Alhambra as it was performed on February 18th, 19th, and 20th of 2018, at the Center for Performance Experiment, University of South Carolina (Columbia).


© 2019, Gabriela Castillo