Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Open Access Thesis



First Advisor

Steven Pearson


Coining a seventh principle of architecture allowed for the creation of a solo performance based on architecture, performance and artificial intelligence. The future is impacted on what is presented today. The importance of the ever-changing American theatre is that it has the ability to influence and capture an audience. A sensation of existence crafted by feeling and poetry. A product of productivity – Disconnect is themed off of unconventional innovation. The six principles: Axis, Symmetry, Rhythm, Datum, Hierarchy and Transformation were all tools used to develop a script in characterizing the established space. The stage created the script, the script created the movement, and the movement created the art. Lines, balance, space, arrangement, alienation, volume, articulation, importance and manipulation are all concepts that structure the context of the identity created for entertainment. The subject G22 is a featured simulation. A creation of language and design. An element of architecture that allows for the freedom of theatre to interfere. The seventh principle, ‘Perspective,’ is the love child of the other six principles forming to make the presentation of the solo show possible. There are many ways to perceive something and the theatre allows for one to view creativity in a space of acceptance and intellect. What makes good theatre? That was the purpose for disrupting the normativity of the valued art through a staged production.