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Spring 2019

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Open Access Dissertation



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Michael Dickson


This dissertation examines the metaphysical nature of time by drawing on literature in epistemology of measurement. Using such literature, I defend an account of time as a measure of change. I use literature on measurement to critique other metaphysical accounts of time and argue that some current metaphysical accounts of time are inadequate as accounts of time. The inadequacies we find in these accounts of time along with various other demands we have of an account of time push us further towards accepting the account of time I offer. While I defend a particular account of time, adopting that account is not a prerequisite for recognizing the valuable practice of using literature on measurement in conversations about the nature of time. Consequently, this dissertation can be understood as having a two fold purpose: 1) a meta-argument for the practice of using literature of measurement to examine metaphysical conversations about time and 2) providing an example of this recommended practice through the defense of a particular account of time, which draws on said literature.


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