Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Open Access Thesis



First Advisor

Steven Pearson


The purpose of this assignment was to create, perform and evaluate my own show. Over the course of approximately twelve months, many ideas were brought to the table. None of these ideas were censored or frowned upon; each was very genuine and had the potential to become the final product presented. Throughout the process, I dove deeper into my own thoughts, beliefs and feelings as I attempted to decide and design my performance. Once a commitment was made, I applied my fears, troubles and insecurities on paper to ten adolescent students in a classroom setting. Drafting the script took little time and the rehearsal process was quite liberating. Presenting my work was a marvelous feeling; execution was a priority as this was a once in a life time opportunity. After receiving positive feedback from audience members, it became clear that the children were more than just figments of my imagination. The students were pieces of me, or rather extensions of me, but they also represented others who shared their experiences. As cold and unforgiving as this world may seem, we must remember that we all have each other and when all else fails, we are not alone. This show was an original idea as were all scripts that preceded it.