Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Peter Duffy


This Dissertation in Practice (DIP) utilizes action research methods to answer the question of: What is the impact of utilizing an authentic study of an author’s life and literary works to increase students’ motivation to read in a third grade gifted and talented classroom? Through intentional questioning and inquiry, the following Chapters provide justification of the Problem of Practice (POP), why students who have the ability or will to read, do not have the motivation or desire to read. Does this negative attitude toward reading begin through literacy curriculum taught in our schools today? Literacy curricula in schools today do not foster the affective elements of reading: attitude, desire, and motivation. Instead most literacy programs are scripted, fast paced, data driven, and are mandated by states or districts.

Through the action research cyclical process, quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed concurrently through a Mixed Method Triangulation design. Based on the results of the action research study, third grade Academically Gifted and Talented students seemingly demonstrated an increase of affective elements (attitude, desire, and motivation) in reading through the implementation of an author study,


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