Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Yasha Becton


The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the effects of the Gradual Increase of Responsibility Model (Collet, 2008) when used by coaches to mentor teachers in best questioning practices in kindergarten through second grade classrooms. The researcher focused on questioning practices after observing missed opportunities to extend student thinking in primary school classrooms during teacher-student conferences in both reading and writing. Vicki Collet’s Gradual Increase of Responsibility Model (2008) was chosen as a coaching model based on the wide range of teacher experiences in the researcher’s educational setting. This coaching model allowed the researcher to scaffold teachers based on their experience and need. After initial observations of teachers’ small group and independent conferences with students to determine questioning practices, the researcher devised a plan to mentor teachers, including modeling, recommending, questioning, providing affirmation, and praising, all levels of coaching as defined by Collet (2008). The researcher provided a scaffold through these stages as appropriate for individual teachers. The researcher then conducted final observations of teachers’ conferences with students and compared questioning data to initial conferences. After all data was collected and analyzed, the effectiveness of the coaching model was determined, and further use of the model as a coaching tool was evaluated.


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