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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

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Rhonda Jeffries


This action research describes the influence of the research-based program, Reading Workshop, based on student reading achievement, specifically, in one thirdgrade South Carolina summer reading camp classroom. Guiding the research, the problem of practice arose from the passing of South Carolina’s Act 284, which states that school districts should make provisions to support every child becoming a proficient reader by the end of the third grade (SCDE, 2015a), and the lack of literature regarding the use of Reading Workshop in summer camps or summer school. Thus, the overarching question that guided the research was: To what extent are summer reading camp students, based on student achievement scores, benefiting from the implementation of Reading Workshop? The research of this study was conducted using a mixed-methods design for action research. Data were collected during pre- and post-assessments, as well as classroom observations. The results of the study produced an increase in student achievement after the implementation of the Reading Workshop program. The research led to the creation of an action plan providing a course of action for other educators to implement Reading Workshop in summer reading camp and regular education classrooms.


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