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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

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Christopher Bogiages


The purpose of this action research study was to determine how instructional coaching impacted implementation of shared reading strategies in kindergarten classrooms. This study included four teachers from one primary school in South Carolina. All of the teachers that participated in this study had more than two years of teaching experience. Data for this study was collected from surveys, classroom observations, lesson plans, and focus groups. Teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators at one elementary school are concerned with the students’ ability to comprehend materials that are being read to them, as well as reading materials that students are reading independently. Shared reading was identified, by the administrative team, as the intervention to put in place to try to improve reading comprehension. The teachers received sustained professional development from the instructional coach throughout the implementation of shared reading to improve teaching practice. The instructional coach collected teacher information weekly and observed classrooms bi-weekly. This information was used to guide bi-weekly focus groups. Teachers and the instructional coach used data and discussions to collaboratively plan for best instructional practices in regards to shared reading.


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