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Open Access Dissertation


School of Library and information Science

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Darin S. Freeburg


This study examines the use and construction of knowledge by individuals involved in the professional design of websites. Its focus is on the knowledge practices of those who identify as web designers; professionals engaged primarily in the aesthetic design of websites. This study employs a qualitative semi-structured interview to explore this population’s practices, and adopts a constructivist approach built on critical realist ontology in analyzing the data. The study addresses the general lack of scholarship focusing on web designers, and helps build an understanding of the processes and forces that govern the development and creation of websites. The findings of this study show how knowledge is created and used, through understanding the practices around the discovery, sharing, and use of information and knowledge by participants. Employing the knowledge lens, the study provides details about not just knowledge and information, but about the way knowledge is used actively in the creative enterprise of study participants.