Date of Award

Fall 2018

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Todd Lilly


This Dissertation in Practice (DiP) uses an action research (AR) methodology to answer a research question pertaining to the impacts of implementing a multimodal-based assessment project in the introductory, General Biology I (BI 114) classroom at East- State Junior College. A mixed-methods approach will be utilized to ascertain the impacts on student learning as well as student perceptions of the project. Chapter One provides a justification of the relevance and importance of the research question regarding student learning, the post-secondary science landscape, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, and the challenges of providing positive learning opportunities and experiences to those students. A concise literature review is provided on authentic (or alternative) assessments, multimodal assessments, project-based learning, and student learning impacts when implemented into the science classroom. The particular AR methodology decided for this DiP is discussed briefly, and how its use will provide data-driven insight into the problem of practice and research questions which will drive future curriculum and instructional decisions within the introductory biology course. Ethical considerations pertaining to the study are discussed, as well as a culminating overview describing each DiP chapter.


© 2018, Larchinee Turner