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Open Access Dissertation


Physics and Astronomy


College of Arts and Sciences

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Milind N.Kunchur


In this work, we systematically investigate the superconducting properties of Niobium Titanium Nitride (NbTiN) superconducting films with different geometries, which at low temperature remain superconducting. NbT iN superconducting films with a few nm thickness are widely used in devices such as superconductor-insulatorsuperconductor (SIS) mixers, superconducting cavities and resonators and superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPD). In all these applications, films of varying dimensions are required to achieve optimal performance. The initial thickness of our samples was 125 nm deposited on a silicon substrate. We change the thickness of our samples using lithography and ion milling. We measure and analyze the thickness dependence of various superconducting properties of these films.

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