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Open Access Thesis


School of Journalism and Mass Communications


College of Information and Communications

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S. Mo Jang


Despite the importance of fandom in politics to understanding individuals’ political behaviors, reliable scales measuring political fandom are lacking. To fill this gap, the present study constructs and validates a new scale for political fandom. First, by reforming existed questions and making new questions, the author derived 42 questions belonging to seven dimensions as an initial item pool based on conceptualization. Second, to refine and develop the scale, the researcher conducted exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. According to the result of the studies, the final factor model of political fandom retained 25 questions and seven dimensions. In addition, the model of political fandom had acceptable inter-item reliability and validity. The study contributes to an understanding of political behaviors and perceptions that are not fully explained by concepts of political ideology and partisanship.