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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


College of Education

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James D. Kirylo


The purpose of the study was to examine the impact mindfulness practices would have on the independent learning processes of third-grade students in a Montessori setting. For the purpose of the study, independent learning processes were measured using three parameters: (a) self-reports of perceived learning on-task and off-task behaviors, (b) students’ ability to effectively use mindfulness practices autonomously as a self-regulating behavior when off-task, and (c) teacher-researcher’s observations, along with teacher-participant’s and instructional assistant’s reporting, of improved autonomous learning behaviors and students’ autonomous use of mindfulness practices as a self-regulating behavior. The study occurred over a five-week period during the 2018 Spring Semester. A mixed-methodology was used to collect data. The study results indicated that the implementation of a mindfulness intervention had a positive impact on the learning perceptions of third-grade students in the Montessori setting.