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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


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Toby Jenkins-Henry


This action research study explored and tested the effectiveness of using student-centered methodology within an e-learning environment for a graduate level class in data analytics at Southern New Hampshire University to enhance students’ scholastic abilities. The term scholastic abilities refers to the students’ capabilities to apply to their personal world what is being taught. Inductive teaching and learning was used in this study and the student participants were assessed on their discussion posts and final projects. The primary question in this action research was: “How, if at all, can student-centered instruction increase achievement of students within a graduate level data analytics course in an e-learning environment?” The literature reviewed supports higher educational environments that enable graduate students to make connections between curricular content and their lived world experiences. Data collection included student achievement and student surveys. The data was analyzed using quantitative and qualitative methods. The major findings from the quantitative and qualitative methods of research indicate that students in the student-centered graduate analytics e-learning environment achieved higher scores and had a more positive experience than the students in the teacher-centered graduate analytics e-learning environment.


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