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Open Access Dissertation


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Toby S. Jenkins


This work is dedicated to some incredibly important people in my life. First, to my students everywhere, you have challenged me to become a better curriculum leader and a better historian. Many of you have inspired me beyond anything that you can imagine. Second, to my colleagues, you have helped create a drive inside of me to seek the best in my students and myself. You have also put up with my seemingly unending impromptu lectures about the newest thought I had on pedagogy.

Finally and most importantly, to my family, it is you that I owe an indescribable debt. You have supported me, encouraged me and believed in me as I have traveled through this arduous journey. You have endured my sleepless nights, my weekends locked away writing and my summers spent reading and researching. You have endured car trips where you begged me to stop talking about history or teaching. You are amazing.

To my wife, you have provided amazing support to me in accomplishing this work. In fact in many ways you have worked harder than I in this endeavor. You handled all the sundry family issues so that I could finish, you entertained the visiting family, kids, and friends while I was locked away writing, and you handled me when I was frustrated, tired, and discouraged. There is no way I could have completed this work without you. It is as much your accomplishment as mine. It is my greatest joy to know that we are truly “partners” in this crazy thing called our family adventure!