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Open Access Thesis




Creative Writing

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Samuel Amadon


1 Hour Ghost Visit is a collection of poems that engages with loss, as well as what can grow in the face of that loss. In “Dancing on My Own,” the poet describes being alone on a dance floor: “when the drop comes I become/a glowstick rain/downpouring fire/sprinkler bursting/with glitter/the corpse I’m/growing towards--/what will bloom in our ribcages will be deadly—” and this hunger for determination, for construction in the face of destruction, grows into a roar by the concluding poem’s call for collective celebration in the face of the end of the world.

The poems collectively sing together; they are a chorus, pouring a glitter ocean of characters, temporal and spatial dreamscapes, non-human entities, and various forms of media—often outdated—into the pages. This collection challenges the ways that we engage with grief, with the passing of time in more a more general sense of human existence, as well as how we engage with and define our own human bodies in the face of conditioning and cisgendered, heteronormative expectations which are still so often seen as the dominant human narrative.


© 2018, Charles Elizabeth Martin