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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


College of Education

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Toby Jenkins


In order to assist students with their digital research skills while simultaneously allowing them to research and explore college and career options, a Project-Based Learning (PBL) assignment was incorporated into the secondary English classroom. This served multiple purposes: providing students guidance and support as they determine their future college and career goals, meeting several of the South Carolina 9-12 English/Language Arts standards, and increasing students’ College and Career Readiness. The site for this quantitative action research study was English 3 classes in a large, rural high school in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Quantitative, statistical data was collected from a pre-and post-intervention survey and analyzed to determine what effect the intervention had on students’ knowledge of the following: non-four-year college education options, financial literacy, and which careers would be a possible match for their personality and life-style goals.