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Open Access Dissertation



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John Grego


The South Carolina Safety Belt Study is a statewide survey completed yearly to assess the prevalence of safety belt usage on of South Carolina roads through observations from different locations across the state. Every five years the sites for observation are resampled. This thesis breaks down the most recent sampling done for the years of 2018 through 2022. Both the methodology of large scale location sampling and the mathematical idea behind the strategy employed are covered. Further, three different software packages were utilized: R, SAS, and ArcGIS. The steps that were taken and the written function code run for each program is presented. Various roadblocks presented by the data, such as mismatched identification variables, are also described along with their solutions. The final product of the project is a sample of 192 different road reaches in 64 different tracts in 16 different South Carolina counties for counters to go sample from. They are selected through stratified sampling techniques for large scale location data.