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Campus Access Dissertation


College of Social Work

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Sadye L. Logan


This study explored the association between marital attitudes and messages received about marriage on mental health of 18-45 year old never married Black women living in the United States. A cross-sectional web survey design using purposive sampling was employed.

Four instruments were administered: a sociodemographic questionnaire; Marital Attitude Scale (MAS) to assess marital attitudes; Marital Messages Received Scale (MMR) to assess messages received about marriage; and Hopkins Checklist-25 (HSCL) to assess psychological distress. Four hypotheses were tested using stepwise regression, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and linear regression analyses. Findings suggested that sexual identity and health insurance had a differential effect on positive marital attitudes; positive messages received about marriage were predictive of positive marital attitudes; positive attitudes about marriage were associated with lower levels of psychological distress; and health insurance was predictive of psychological distress.


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