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Open Access Dissertation


Instruction and Teacher Education


Curriculum and Instruction

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James D. Kirylo


This action research study examined the way in which integrating technology into a second grade ELA classroom impacted levels of student engagement. Research investigated utilizing various technological tools to meet learning goals and objectives in the classroom, and determined the impact on student engagement as perceived by the students and classroom teacher. The study employed a mixed-methods approach of data collecting. The researcher collected and recorded data twice a week for six weeks. In order to identify and validate the study‘s findings, the researcher used field notes, interviews, questionnaires, and checklists as the data collection sources to measure student engagement.

The action research study sought to determine whether incorporating the use of various technological tools to aid and assist the teacher in meeting the intended learning goals and objectives had an impact on levels of student engagement. The results revealed positive benefits between student engagement and instructional practices that integrated the use of educational technology. The study also outlined an action plan to further inform, improve, and build upon the knowledge gleaned from its findings. The results have the potential to benefit and inform the fields of education, instructional technology, educational technology, and professional growth and development programs for current educators and those enrolled in training programs.


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