Date of Award


Document Type

Open Access Thesis


Chemical Engineering


College of Engineering and Computing

First Advisor

James A. Ritter


Adsorption equilibrium isotherms for N2, CO2, and CH4 on zeolite 13X were investigated at three different temperatures (25.5, 50.5 and 75.5 ̊ C) and a pressure range of (0-6.89475) MPa for CH4 and N2 and in the range of (0-4.82633) MPa for CO2 using built in volumetric apparatus. The results were validated using with a volumetric system (ASAP) at the same temperatures and a pressure up to (160-110) KPa respectively. The experimental results were correlated using three process Langmuir (TPLM). The correlated isotherms were then used to calculate the isosteric heat of adsorption for the three gases on 13X. The resulting data have been used to validate the measurements of these systems and are available in the literature for comparison of zeolite 13X isotherms with newly developed adsorbents.


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