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Open Access Dissertation


Instruction and Teacher Education


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Susan Schramm-Pate


Flipped Classroom Pedagogical Model and Middle-Level Mathematics Achievement: An Action Research Study describes an integers and rational numbers unit (TIRN) over a sixweek period in a seventh-grade flipped mathematics classroom. The identified problem of practice centers on these twenty-three student participants’ low achievement on math tests. The purpose of the study is to determine the relationship between a flipped classroom pedagogy and student achievement. The participant-researcher aimed to differentiate instruction for these seventh-grade student-participants using a flipped model that included videos. This flipped classroom pedagogical model allowed for additional time for the participant-researcher to assist struggling student-participants and to foster their learning through the videos. Data collection prior, during, and after the implementation of TIRN, included participant-researcher journal entries, classroom observations; and pre- and post-tests. A t-test was conducted on the test score data. Findings show that overall student-participants improved their score from pretest to posttest. The study uncovered three themes: effect on student-participant understanding, student-participant resistance to new pedagogy, and student-participant attitudes toward flipped pedagogy. A new key question that emerged from the analysis of the data includes: How did the flipped classroom affect students’ achievement from this year (2016-2017) compared to last year (2015-2016)? The Action Plan for fall 2017 at this middle school includes weekly teacher in-service preparation sessions for three seventhgrade mathematics teachers to be conducted by the teacher-researcher, for flipped model curricular development. Additionally, the participant-researcher will create mentoring opportunities within the District for new math teachers implementing the flipped classroom pedagogy as described in this action research study.


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