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Kenneth Vogler


The present action research study explored how incorporating the classroom management model of Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) impacted first year teachers’ perceptions of classroom management. The problem of practice indicated first year teachers historically had large numbers of discipline referrals. The guiding questions were 1) What is the impact of Capturing Kids’ Hearts on first-year teachers’ perceptions of classroom management? And 2) How can participant feedback after CKH preparation be used to improve current classroom management policy at BHS? The primary purpose of this action research was to determine the impact of CKH professional development on four first-year teachers’ perceptions of classroom management. The secondary purpose was to enable the new teacher participants to implement innovative ways to manage their classrooms within the policy guidelines at BHS. The tertiary purpose was to enable administrators to improve existing classroom management policies so that they are more conducive to the needs of new teachers. Quantitative data was collected via pre- and postsurveys. New teachers responded to the 21-item survey prior to attending CKH and again after completion of the workshop. Participants included four first-year teachers at a large, suburban high school in central South Carolina. Research findings for this study included:

1. New teachers may not feel confident with classroom management learned solely in pre-service training. Practical strategies and techniques taught by CKH may help improve this finding. Data suggests that CKH improved new teacher’s perception regarding useful strategies and helped to decrease the level of worry regarding classroom management. This can correlate to increased self-efficacy.

2. Although most new teachers understand the importance of relationships, CKH can help teachers see the importance and relevance of building better relationships through the sharing of experiences, and allowing students the opportunity to collaborate with the teacher in the development of social contracts. By improving relationships in this manner, classroom management should improve.

An action plan was developed based on the findings of this study.


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