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Open Access Thesis


Theatre and Dance


College of Arts and Sciences

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Amy Lehman


As with most art in academia, the term “Abstract”, as a sort of summation of the proceeding discussion, does not quite fit. What you may experience in the following pages is more akin to my attempt at staying true to the artistic nature of my thesis project, while “reflecting” on it in a pseudo-academic tone. I put the word reflecting in quotation marks, as I do not truly feel as if this project is, or ever will be complete. It is (rather, intends to be) an ever-growing, ever-evolving experiment in expression. Luckily for you, this is being written after some distance has already been created, allowing more of a retrospective approach to the intimate process that was writing, directing, designing, and performing my solo-show, “Obsidian in Sand”. In reading this, hopefully brief thesis—the ultimate reflection in my education, specifically with regards to Acting or being a Performing Artist—you invite yourself to trudge through the depths, however shallow, of my creative process, align yourself with my inspirations that ignited my imagination to produce this work, and from there, do what you will. Hopefully, it will be insightful, if not inciting. Or vice-versa.


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